27 August 2010


definition: A transformation or transition from one state, condition, or phase to another

The season of change is upon us. We are transitioning from the warmth of summer to the glory of autumn. School will be starting in a couple of weeks. On a personal level, much change is occurring within the next month.

We are moving.
I don't need this size of a house and I can't keep up the exterior on my own. So, I am having a new house built--new roof, new windows, new furnace, small lot. You get the picture. The big day is September 7 and it is closing in fast.

Family is coming to visit.
My brother comes from the West next week and my aunt & uncle are visiting from Ireland. This is the first time in years that we will all be together...and it may be the last.

Jared is leaving.
He flies back to Vancouver on Labour Day for his final year of high school. We've had a good summer and I will miss him. He is getting tired of the perpetual question "what are you going to do when you're done high school?" because he has no answer. But who knows what a year will bring? Next summer's planned service trip to Peru may prove pivotal to his future.

Ashley is home.
She spent the summer at MYW and did a lot of her own changing. While her brother may be uncertain of the future, she is firm. A career in teaching appears to be where it is at--"it's just in me, Mom"--something I recognized early on in this child! She is looking at university in the States--hard to believe that it is only two years away! So, my new nest will be very empty, very soon.

There is a career change.
After nearly thirteen years in the private sector, I am going back to my clinical roots, but to a management position. It is hard to believe that this is my third career shift--apparently, there is room for one more! I am also looking at the possibility of some graduate work, but I need to get through the immediate changes before taking this on!

So, if you think to, pray for me over the next month! The stress level will be on the high side but good things are happening! Like they say, the only time that change stops is when you're dead.

And I'm not dead yet!