22 December 2009

Way Marker

Definition:  symbol or signpost marking a route

I love history.  I especially love how, in the Old Testament, God has the Israelites set up way markers at sites where He exhibited His faithfulness and provision with the command to tell the story to their children whenever they saw the marker.  By following the markers, the story of God and His relationship with Israel unfolded.

At the end of last week when the new CFO at my son's school required a lump sum payment rather than the previous arrangement, a crisis ensued in my heart and I began to make plans to liquidate whatever assets I had--the TV, the treadmill, maybe even the house.  But something stopped the frantic whirring of my mind and I began to pray instead.

Last night I heard the answer to my prayer.  Someone unknown to me became aware of the need and wrote a cheque to cover the amount owing, with no obligation of repayment.  How humbling it is when God answers our prayers in such a way that the specifics of the request are not just met but exceeded.  Oh to be driven deeper into His grace so that I can be wholly trusting, like Abraham, in the promises of God.

So, in our family story, this is now a way marker.  I can point to this event, like the Israelites would point to those piles of stones, and recount the story of God's provision.  In our journey forward, God requires us to look back and remember that He truly is Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides.

Thanks be to God.

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  1. What an amazing God we have! I love to look back at the way markers of our life and see His work and the thread of grace that holds it altogether.