29 March 2010


definition:  being intermediate between extremes, as on a scale: a player of average ability;  usual or ordinary in kind or character.

So many posts have been running through my head of late, but this will make you laugh...hopefully!

My son is now in that phase of life where the "rest of his life" must be considered.  He has resisted doing this, apparently not cognisant of his own abilities, saying he just wants to be a tradesman.  No problem...but don't decide on this without first investigating the alternatives has been my recurring mantra.  So, a couple of weeks ago, he gave in and attended a university information night; his reaction was "it's so hard to get in, Mom!".  This from a boy whose grades are good, who will receive positive recommendations and goes to a good school.

The follow-up to this was the following conversation....

"Mom, look, I'm just an average joe.  I'm not going to be one of these super Saint over-achievers.  I'm just going to be an average joe French teacher, or construction worker, or framer, or whatever.  I've looked into a few schools where I can do French but I'm just going to be an average joe."

"Which schools have you looked at?"

"Well, I looked at Cambridge and the Sorbonne.  If those don't work out, I can go to McGill."

All of the above are definitely average joe schools...

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